Fast Track Set 5-Pack

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The Fast Track Book Set 5-Pack is a set containing:

Five copies of each of Fast Track and Dancing Bears C for the price of four.


1 review for Fast Track Set 5-Pack

  1. SJ, specialist literacy teacher

    Very pleased with first experience of Fast Track used as a Wave 3 intervention. Systematic rehearsal of sounds using flashcards and their gradual introduction throughout the workbook broke my Year 6 student’s “guessing” habit. The cursor also kept her eyes on track, supporting concurrent work with orthoptist. Child progressed from SAS 82 to 92 in 4 months, with around 6 hours’ tuition. Only negative was somewhat odd story with some unusual words, but it was a small price to pay!

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Dancing Bears Book C
ISBN 9781905174461 This is the level where reading ability really starts to take off. Difficult -re endings, as in future, entire, and compare are taught, along with the common -ion and -le endings. One pattern which can cause a lot of problems is when the silent ‘e’ is dropped in words like hoping, pupils often forget that the vowel is still long; so they will read hopping instead. Dancing Bears Book C contains plenty of exercises which make this pattern easy. Words beginning with soft c (central, circle) and soft g (gentle, gypsy) are introduced, patterns introduced in Books A and B are constantly revisited to make sure they are not forgotten. The y to i rule (copy, copies) is taught and words starting with ph and hard ch (photo, chemist) are introduced. At this level, the cloze sentences and Wordbuilders are an important aid to building vocabulary. The serial story continues to its happy conclusion.

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ISBN 9781905174362 Fast Track Book AB works extremely well with children who have begun to read, but are falling behind because they have difficulty decoding unfamiliar words. It is an abridged version of Dancing Bears Book A and Dancing Bears Book B.  It is suitable for pupils with a reading age of between 7½ and 9 years.

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