Apples & Pears Workbook A

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Apples & Pears Workbook A
ISBN 9781905174386 (3rd edition)
Compatible with the 3rd edition of Apples & Pears Teacher’s Notes A.

Cannot be used without Apples & Pears Teacher’s Notes A Each pupil will need their own Workbook.

Look inside Apples & Pears Workbook A.

2 reviews for Apples & Pears Workbook A

  1. Jux

    These books together with the Teacher’s manual has been invaluable for my daughter, who is a very able reader, but quite a poor speller. She enjoyed the “treats” of little puzzles in each lesson. Unfortunately, we have not been able to sustain the amount of effort by the time we reached the end of book A,so did not move on to book B, as it does require a structured uninterrupted time (usually 20-40 minutes every school day in our house, which we just cannot always find).
    I am now trying this out with small groups in the school that I work in as a TA and hope that the formal school environment will be more motivating for my learners to persevere.Thank you for such brilliantly structured resource, where results are evident from the first few lessons!

  2. Jackie

    This is the best SPaG programme we have come across. My children’s handwriting and spelling have improved so much, everyone that sees it is beyond impressed by their progress. It is so worth sticking with it and you will see results within months. I just wish the workbooks continued with the 3 lined paper past the 1st book as it really helps establish good handwriting and helps the child keep the letters neat and same size.

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Apples and Pears Book A Teacher's Notes
Apples & Pears Teacher’s Notes A
ISBN 9781905174256 (3rd edition)

[icon icon=icon-eye-open size=25px color=#FFC712 ] Look inside Apples & Pears Teacher's Notes A.

This book is designed for teaching spelling to absolute beginners. Before they start, children should be able to recognise most letters by sound and be able to trace a letter approximately ½ inch high with reasonable accuracy. This page of dictation exercises shows the level of proficiency expected at the end of Apples and Pears Book A. Cannot be used without Apples and Pears Workbook A.  
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