shutterstock_256066333 Apples & Pears is a favourite with parents—you do not need to be good at spelling yourself to use it successfully.


The Apples & Pears spelling program can be used with any child who has a spelling age of less than 9 ½ years.  Just use our Placement Tests to pinpoint the appropriate starting point for your child.


The tests are easy to use.  Download and print the sheets.  Look through them and pick the most difficult test that you think your child can pass.  Give your pupil pencil and paper and ask them to write down each word as you read it out, do not help or correct the spellings. When you have finished, count up the words spelled incorrectly and move to the next or previous test as indicated by the scoring instructions for the test.

If you are unsure about the test results, please contact us for advice.