The Dancing Bears reading programme has three starting points.  Choose the best book for your child by looking at how well they can read now, not by how old they are.


shutterstock_41606275Bear Necessities Book A1 is the starting point for non-readers and suitable for children in Reception (Kindergarten) and Year 1 as well as older children with moderate to severe learning difficulties.  It is a widely used Wave 3 intervention in UK primary schools.


Dancing Bears Book A is for children who have started to read simple CVC words but who have poor decoding skills and are struggling to keep up with whole-class instruction.  Many schools use Dancing Bears A in Years 1 and 2 and with older children who have a reading age of 7 or less.


Fast Track Book AB is suitable for pupils with a reading age of between 7½ and 9 years.  It is used extensively with junior and secondary school pupils, and with adults.


If your pupil can read the following sentence without making any mistakes, start with Fast Track:

Our teacher is waiting for us in the hall

Children with more complex learning difficulties who ‘can’t learn phonics’ and have great difficulty remembering letters and the associated sounds should start with Bearing Away
If you are unsure where to start, please contact us for advice.


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All books come complete with the necessary flashcards but you can also download them here .

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