Fast Maths, Addition & Multiplication Set


Fast Maths is enjoyable, engaging, and easy to teach. It is the perfect
programme for children to learn their number bonds. Within weeks, they will know the answers automatically, without even needing to think.
Includes one copy of Fast Maths, Addition, one copy of Fast Maths, Multiplication

Look inside Fast Maths, Addition.

Look inside Fast Maths, Multiplication.


Fast Maths

Addition & Multiplication Set

As letter sounds are to language, so number bonds are to mathematics. Children who possess automatic recall of number bonds have a Sound Foundation on which to build higher mathematical skills; others are always condemned to struggle.

When pupils have automatic recall of addition and multiplication, they just know the answers, and they will never need to learn those facts again. With Fast Maths, our pupils achieve automatic recall by practising with flashcards, completing levelled tasks, and by racing against the clock to beat their own personal best times. And they love it! Good results mean they get promoted to higher levels, so pupils work independently and progress at their own pace. Meanwhile, teachers can circulate to support those who need it most.

In our trials, by many schools, tutors, and home-schooling parents, even the most disadvantaged pupils quickly halved their calculation times and began to really enjoy maths for the first time—mostly because they could see the evidence of their own success. We have acted upon the detailed feedback we received in order to maximise the progress of all Fast Maths pupils.

Fast Maths is self-differentiating and provides solid proof of progress as children record their speed and accuracy in their workbooks. Fast Maths is effective for individuals working alone, with pairs of pupils working together, or with whole classes. It is also ideal for private tutors or home-schooling parents who want to provide children with the most advantageous mathematical knowledge that they can be given—the automatic recall of number bonds.


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