Apples & Pears Teacher’s Notes D


ISBN 9781905174171 (2nd edition)

This book is printed-on-demand in Australia.

Starting at this level is not recommended. However, for older pupils it is very important to carry on with Book D because the number of words the pupil can spell increases enormously. At this stage, the pupil will progress very rapidly, the continued use of the morphemic strategy will enable the pupil to remember new spellings much more easily.

This page of dictation exercises shows the level of proficiency expected at the end of Apples and Pears Book D.

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2 reviews for Apples & Pears Teacher’s Notes D

  1. Layla

    I am using the Apples and Pears program for my two young boys and I cant praise the system enough.

    Not only do my boys enjoy the work but they feel so confident as they see their progress.

  2. L Riley

    My girls have used all of these books and my very dyslexic son did also before them. He is now a confident writer. My girls are currently on book D and are feeling pretty confident with spelling now on the whole. Very pleased we found apples and pears books.☺️

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